The overall look of a space consists of a lot of elements combined together. And before any furniture or decor accessories the factor that contributes a big portion to the overall look of a room is the architecture. Usually the ceiling of a room isn’t focused much but if you give attention to it and add some architectural details then this permanent feature can surely make a big impact. One very popular kind of ceiling is a coffered design. So here you go for some modern coffered ceilings inspirations that you will surely want to make a part of your home:

 1. A Ceiling with Beadboard Coffers Ideal for a Kitchen

Beadboard and kitchens go really well together. And if you want your ceiling to have a beadboard then you can go for a coffered version instead of just simple beadboard.

2. A Ceiling with Coffers in a Contrasting Color to The Beams

For colors pops to stay permanent or for at least some years you can paint the coffers of your ceiling in a vibrant hue.

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