11 Terrible Hairstyles You Want To Forget

When we go to hairstylist for a hair cut we trust their instincts that they are going to give use best possible hair cut that will go well with our personality. However at times we all have had haircuts that just didn’t go the way we wanted. Call it a bad day or hairdresser’s fault you actually end up thinking that why in heaven did you even think of getting the hair cut. These are the kind of haircuts that make you wonder what really went wrong while you were getting the hair cut done. Here’s a look some of such miserable or terrible haircuts that people don’t wish to remember any more :

1. Is This A Hair Style Or Hair Cover Up

This hair do is not even close to a haircut, it looks as if the person had just made some design on his head with the tip of marker pen.

2. Never Sleep Next To A Griller

This guy probably didn’t realise that this hair style nothing short of Panini sandwich.

3. Is This What She Really Wanted?

She probably doesn’t know but this is what people call a “Pippi Wrongstocking”.

4. An Artist’s Imagination

Every artist has their own imagination, this one seems beyond artist’s imagination too.

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