15 Tips To Get That Lustrous hair, This Works!

Our hair is an essential part of our body and essential aspects of our beauty, we all love to take care of our hairs in order to make it soft, shining and smooth. we women use to spend a lot of our time in saloons that promise us bouncy and beautiful hair.Although these treatments are effective to some extent, you must take care of your mane on daily basis to get beautiful hair.

1. Use Conditioner at hair tips :

our hairs keep producing oil on the roots, then there is no need to apply conditioner at the roots. Concentrate on applying the conditioner at the hair tips only as the tips tends to get damaged.

2. Spray Bobby Pins :

To prevent your bobby pins from slipping down from your hair, then spray the pins with some hairspray or dry shampoo.

3. Sleep on silk pillows :

Cotton covers absorb the moisture from your hair and head them towards the breakage . to prevent your hair from split ends, then switch your pillow covers from cotton to silk.

4. Massage scalp :

While shampooing your hair, massage it well, this will not only remove your dirt but also help in promoting blood circulation of your scalp.

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