Avoid These Silly Makeup Mistakes – Here’s What To Do , What Not To !!

We all use to follow some beauty tips and beauty hacks to make your life and everyday routine easier. These hacks help us to enhance our looks and get a flawless look. we women use to share our new beauty ideas and tips , however at sometimes we follow them incorrectly , In fact at some stages of life, in a hustle bustle we often use to make a mistake which we use to ignore, Scroll down to find out the mistakes you all have been doing with your beauty regime and how you can diminish that errors.

Wearing too much mascara on the lower lashes can caste a shadow flake, creating the illusion of dark circle, it can even pull the eye down as a whole !!

Never use liquid eyeliners for lower portion of your eyes as it looks overwhelming !!

don’t apply that eye makeup that makes your eyebrows look too thick !!

Always try to match the colour of your brows to your hair to give your face a uniform look and neat finish !!


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