Creative Sponge Life Hacks

Ideas Using Sponges

Sponges are one of the most basic utensils in your house and they can be used in many more situations than cleaning stains and soaping dishes. Check out these very smart uses for sponges and make your life much easier!

Nail Polish Remover Jar

To this amazing life hack you will only need a small jar with lid, nail polish remover and a good sponge! Place the sponge really tightly inside the jar, leaving a space for you to put your finger. Now it is only pour the nail polish remover inside the jar and it is done!

Sponge for Cleaning Blinds

Window blinds get dirt and grime very fast and they are not the easiest item to clean inside a home. A creative idea is using two sponges attached to a food clip. Use a scissor to make two gaps in the edges of the sponges and fit the clip inside them. Now it is only cleaning! Easy and cheap!

Reusable Dryer Sheets Sponges

Save money (and the environment) with this simple life hack! Transform some sponges in reusable dryer sheets to help you with your laundry. It is only soak them inside a pot with a good fabric softener and close it to keep wet. When you decide to use, just remove the excess of the liquid and put on your dryer machine. After using put back again in the pot to have a new one.

No Messy Sponges Ice-packs

Soak a soft sponge in water, put in a Ziploc bag and leave in the freezer. When you need an ice pack, the plastic bag will prevent water from flowing while it melts and make a mess around the house. The sponge is also great for freezing food and beverages during a trip: just put the bag inside the Styrofoam or thermal bag.

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